Texture Linen & Silk in San Francisco, CA

Now open to both the trade and the public of San Francisco, CA, Sal Beressi Fabrics, offers a vast selection of what can only be called "everything wonderful in fabrics." The quality, variety and uniqueness of these designer fabrics give designers and designers-to-be, along with non-designers, the opportunity to not only find exactly what they want, but also stretch their imaginations within their price range.

Our 9,000 sq. foot warehouse showroom (once the Hamm's Beer Brewery) features upholstery, drapery, and bedding fabrics. We carry the finest brands in fabric, including RM COCO, Duralee and Robert Allen. Opened in 1973, and with the focus being on providing, in a centralized location, a depth and breadth of selection found nowhere else, we are quite simply the most comprehensive collection of home decoration fabric in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as Northern California.

Customers from across the state, as well as coast to coast, contact us daily searching for those special items that will help meet their specific needs. As our primary goal, we do our utmost to search within our own voluminous stock of texture silk and fabric (and also with our over 100 vendors) to provide the customer with the knowledgeable assistance, and the numerous style solutions that will meet their requirements.

Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00pm
Address: 1504 Bryant Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Tel: 415.861.5004
Fax: 415.861.5710
Email: beressi.fabrics@gmail.com

Our Story

Born in Thessalonika, Greece in 1919, Sal Beressi began his entrepreneurial and design bent as a young boy of nine, making simple children's toys, and selling them on the streets of Athens to help support his family. When World War II came about, Sal, in his twenties, found himself interred in a Nazi concentration camp. He later escaped by jumping from a train while being transferred to another camp, but, unfortunately, he was the only member of his large family to survive the Holocaust.

After the War, Sal came to San Francisco, and in 1953 began an upholstery business. Eventually, this well-respected businessman went on to create a successful custom bedspread company. Out of this custom trade came a twice yearly warehouse sale of remnants and leftover fabrics. Not being able to resist buying closeouts, mill end, etc., these special sales evolved into a full time warehouse store.

Now with the third generation of customers comes new ownership and new insights into the love of fabrics, with an emphasis on quality and uniqueness.

The new owners, John and Heather Hardison Kilpack can also claim variety and diversity in their backgrounds as well. A New Orleans native, Heather spent her teenage years in the Middle East and Europe with her family, and ended up attending the American College in Paris. Afterwards, given her love of all things textile, she studied at the French Government School of Clothing and Textile Design (L'Ecole de la chambre syndicale de la Couture Parisienne).

Heather began the needle arts at age seven -- as a child watching her beloved Italian grandmother cut and sew garments for clients and family. Over the years, as with so many, this initial taking up of the needle developed into an obsession and became the focus of her life's work. After completing her studies in Paris in 1979, Heather returned to New Orleans, and, for the next eighteen years, designed and created custom gowns for private clients, as well as the film industry.

In 2000 all of that changed with a chance visit to San Francisco. Smitten by the City, Heather moved here three months later to start anew. She then met her soon-to-be husband, John, a few months later over breakfast at Orphan Andy's. Eventually she found herself working for Sal, Dagney, and Heim Beressi in the later part of 2003, and shortly after came an offer to buy the company.

Husband John, a much traveled military brat hailing from Santa Rosa, is a union stagehand whose area of expertise is electrics and lighting. After 20 years at the San Francisco Opera House, John now freelances and can be found in the showroom from time to time. He understands very well what customers mean when they say, "We're overwhelmed by the selection!", as he usually is too.