Forrest Glover | 5 Stars
 Sal Beressi has the most comprehensive collection of home decor fabrics in San Francisco. Heather and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable about what is in stock and where to find the prefect fabrics in the sample books. A huge time saver in a somewhat overwhelming store for newcomers. I always find what I need for my projects. They can also provide tons of help with designs, upholstery and drapery fabric requirements, and recommend workrooms and upholsters.

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Les L. | 5 Stars
This is what old San Francisco used to be like! Interesting, well run business with real customer service. I've loved this place for years as my go to place for great upholstery fabrics.. the staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and you get a great discount on most things. They also carry several fine lines of wallpaper. When you're there you will undoubtedly run into professional designers for SF restaurants, homes, offices... all who know this is THE place to go! 

Housed in a great old factory building that I'm sure many a developer would love to turn into condos... please don't! We need these kinds of businesses! 

Thanks, Beressi for carrying on the tradition of our beautiful city!

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E. G. | 5 Stars
This place has been around a long time, and I've always liked it and shopped there. But when the new(ish) owner, Heather, bought it, holy moly, what a jump start! 

They sell home decor fabrics, so if you're looking for upholstery- or drapery-weight fabrics, this is your place. And what a place it is. It seems as though all the quality, independent fabric stores have closed in recent years, leaving us with chains like Joann's and Michael's. Nothing against them, they're just not in the same league by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, there's Britex (which I also like), but they're more than a little light in the upholstery weight fabric department. 

So back to the point. What do I love about Sal Beressi fabrics? Many things, but first and foremost, it's the well curated selection of gorgeous fabrics. No matter what shade or texture you have your heart set on, you're going to find it here in spades. The selection is amazing, and it's all nicely displayed. I have never walked out of here without finding the perfect fabric.

Secondly, and almost as importantly, the people who work here are the best. There's always someone at the ready to help you, and often they tag-team, so you get the benefit of collective ideas and knowledge from Heather, Scott, and other highly capable staff. This is a store where you will *never* hear, "If it's not out, we don't have it." Heather and her very knowledgeable staff are there to make sure you get exactly what you need to bring your dream project to fruition. And on the off chance they don't have the fabric that sets your heart aflutter? No worries, you can order from one of their many, many sample books. 

Let's recap: Extensive selection of quality fabrics? Check! Informative, helpful, and nice staff? Check! ... OK, but let's face it, without the third element, the first two may be moot. What *is* the third element? Glad you asked! It's price! And you absolutely cannot beat the prices at Sal Beressi's. All the fabrics are 40% off the ticketed price. 

What more could you ask for? What's that you say? There's no place to park in the city? Well, this is your lucky day, because they have a free parking lot. You read that right: a free parking lot in the city. 

Go there! Now!

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